Life in Izmir

Life in Izmir




Izmir is a city where you can easily reach from abroad and you can easily visit the center and the surrounding area.

City of Sun

Be free to set your travel calendar in Izmir. The sun is over 300 days of the year.

8500 Years of History

Are you ready to discover 8500 years of history in and around Izmir?

MHappy Holidays

Izmir, the shining sun, the deep blue sea, the facilities, the unique and clean beaches of the happy holiday address!

City of Tolerance

sowing different beliefs to the land; the city of love, tolerance and peace in return!

Great Cuisine

Adds health to your health with olive oil, thousand kinds of herbs and fresh seafood.

Pure Nature

With its mountains, plains, plateaus, lakes, rivers and fertile soil, İzmir has its natural beauty.

Health Center

İzmir is one of the leading cities in health tourism with its clean air, modern research facilities, hospitals and specialist doctors.

Trade Center

 Modern or traditional style big bazaars and shopping centers are in the heart of trade in Izmir.

City Fairs

Fair Izmir, Turkey's largest, oldest and most modern exhibition center!

Organic Foods

Izmir is the city of those who want to live a healthier and quality life. Everything in this city is natural, everything is healthy!

Quiet and Modern Life

This modern, clean, healthy, natural life in the city gives peace, because this is your home.

Art in City

İzmir is a city full of activities throughout the year.

UNESCO World Heritage

Izmir, which is considered as the common heritage of the whole world, is even more special, even more beautiful.


Izmir is the most vibrant and colorful city in the country, hosted by thousands of people throughout the year.


With its universities, research facilities and institutes, İzmir is an ideal education city for many local and foreign students.


Izmir is a city of different communities, which are happy and quick to adapt to Izmir thanks to its warm people and culture.

Peaceful and Safe

The peaceful, quiet and safe environment you need is the lowest crime rate in Izmir.


Izmir is Turkey's fastest growing and invested industrial and commercial center.

Easy Transportation

Izmir is a city with easy access to the suburban line, subway, bicycle paths, tram and regular traffic network.