About İzmir

About İzmir

Peace, Nature, Trade, History, Center of Life IZMIR.


Take place in one of the world's most livable cities, Izmir. 

High life standards, education, developments in the field of health, natural clean structure of the city, many factors such as the ease of transportation is a preferred center for living in Izmir. As a result, the quality of housing in the city is changing rapidly. Investment projects or residential projects are being rebuilt according to the needs of people. Not only the need for shelter, but also for the social life of the city, all the needs can be met, modern buildings are being built.




İzmir is a metropolitan city with a strong economic and commercial relationship with its historical origins, and a reliable metropolis for investors with high economic performance and a stable growth trend. 

High Life Standarts

Izmir, away from problems, 365 days a year, numerous exhibitions, concerts and films made with the historical and cultural richness and high quality of life is a city.

International Companies

With a total of 2,235 foreign capital companies and an average of 140 new foreign investment projects per year, İzmir is a center of attraction for foreign direct investments. It is a natural distribution center with a trade volume of 17.1 billion dollars and more than 4,500 exporters.


İzmir hosts 13 active industrial zones, 2 free zones, 4 technology development zones and 4 main trade ports, 9 of which are active, 4 of which are under construction.



''We plant 10 saplings for each apartment we built''