Around İzmir

Around İzmir



Çeşme - 86 KM

Cesme, turquoise sea, velvety and golden beaches, aquarium-resident coves, healing springs, fascinating underwater world, perfect nature, adrenaline enthusiasts favorite sports activities, and the world of fame and entertainment life in the overland abroad reaching Izmir face is the flux. According to the list determined by the New York Times, 14 places in the world should be visited among 52 places, not only Izmir, but the most popular district of the Aegean Region.

Besides the natural beauties, the fun nightlife is one of the reasons why local and foreign tourists prefer Cesme and its surrounding towns. Cesme peninsula has a clear sea, sun, fine sands, and 29 km. There are beautiful beaches on this coastal area. Şifne, Küçük Liman, Pırlanta, Pasha Port, Ilica Beach, Farm, Altinkum, Fork Azmak, Sakiz Bay, Tekke Beach and Ayayorgi have a number of sandy beaches.

Alaçatı - 76 KM

The New York Times placed Alaçatı on the 8th place in the “31 Places You Need to See on Earth 31 list. Together with the Canary Islands and Cape Verde, the resort is considered to be one of the three most important surfing spots in the world. Alacati is the charming town of fairy tales with its deep blue sea, cobblestone houses dangling bougainvillea from its windows. Located just 10 km away from Cesme, the town is on the way to becoming the new address of adrenaline as well as the görsel water sports center of the last years lar as well as the peace of mind and the visual feast it offers.

Seferihisar - 36 KM

Combining nature, history and sea in the south of Izmir, Seferihisar is a district that offers its visitors comfort in summer and winter. Turkey's first and the world's 121 "Quiet City" (Cittaslow), which works with solar energy street lights in Seferihisar, native seed is produced and used in the county instead of nylon net bag of unique products sold in markets. You can discover the delicious tastes of Seferihisar in the local restaurants of the district where you can enjoy the immaculate beaches, and you can find fresh and natural products made in the market in every market in Sığacık Castle.

Urla- 35 KM

It is a magnificent corner of the Aegean where the forty-kilometer coastline meets the blue of the sparkling sea, exhibiting the whole generosity of nature, accompanied by history. Urla will open the door to an unforgettable visit, witnessing new discoveries in every corner of the city. Urla is 35 kilometers away from the city center of Izmir; Cesme, Seferihisar and Karaburun are known for their proximity to holiday centers. The archaeological excavations of the Limantepe Mound in the Iskele District in Urla, where nature and history embrace, are extended to 4000 BC. One of the oldest ports in the Aegean Sea, Limantepe is one of the most important values ​​of Urla.

Ephesus - 72 KM

Ephesus, one of the most famous cities of the early age, was established near the gulf where the water of the Küçük Menderes river evacuated. Agricultural land, a large trade route to the East, Christianity period as a very important religious center, has made history as a major city. He also made famous names in the world of science and art. These are the articulate Artemidorus, the poet Callinos and Hipponax, the philosopher Heraclitus, the painter Parrhasius, the grammar scholar Zenodotos. Although nearly 20 percent of the ancient city of Ephesus has been excavated today, the largest ancient city as the area that can be visited in the world has the feature of being the ruin site that attracts the most visitors in our country. The history of Ephesus dates back to the 6th millennium BC, and in the recent years it has uncovered the finds recovered from the mounds of Arvalya and Çukuriçi. The authors suggest that ancient sources such as Strabo and Pausanias, the historian Herodotus, and Callinos of Ephesus, were founded by the Amazons and that the indigenous people were Karians and Leleges.

Pergamon - 98 KM

Bergama, located in the Bakırçay Basin to the north of İzmir, is one of the most important settlements in the history of civilization and was founded on the ancient city of Pergamon. The city became prominent in the Hellenistic period and was the capital of the Pergamon Kingdom founded during this period. The city, which smells of history on all sides, is an open-air museum, like many of İzmir's districts, and one of the richest districts of İzmir in terms of culture. Bergama, the only ancient city with 4 ancient theaters on Earth, is one of the most important historical places in Izmir and its surroundings. UNESCO World Heritage List 999'unc entering the world of Turkey, it has been registered as a legacy of the 13th.

Virgin Mary - 96 KM

Virgin Mary; According to the Christian faith Hz. After the incident of Jesus' crucifixion, the Prophet. Mary came to this region with the apostle John (St. Jean) and spent the last years of her life here. The house is therefore considered one of the sacred pilgrimage places. The building, which belongs to the Virgin Mary Association, was discovered by the Lazarists of Izmir in 1891.

Foça - 66 KM

Foça, located 70 kilometers from Ýzmir, is one of the most favorite holiday resorts of İzmir with its blue flag beaches and healthy Aegean cuisine. Foça, which is an Ionian settlement in ancient times, took the name Phokaia because of the Mediterranean Seals living in its sea and it has reached today as Foça. In 2013, Foça Castle was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage candidate list. Foça, located in Homer's Odysseia Epic, is a popular destination for local and foreign tourists. You can visit the island and bays or visit historical places in Foça.

Dikili - 120 KM

Dikili, located in the North Aegean, is famous for its deep blue sea, 40 km of sandy beaches, healing thermal springs and hot springs. The district, which has hosted many cultures, is the symbol of the region due to its festivals and culture-art activities. Tens of thousands of visitors come to the district every year. Dikili is a moving customs gate with the same name. Some of the tourists coming to Izmir enter Dikili. Most of them are the day tourists coming to see the historical-cultural assets of Pergamon city. Dikili, which is the port of Pergamon in Antiquity, continues its function today.

Didim - 160 KM

Besides its historical and natural beauties, Didim, an important port, is located in the south of Izmir. The long and clean beaches with blue flags, the city center with many civilizations, and the entertainment centers are always a touristic center. One of the historian of the historian of the Aegean and the history of VII. century until the Temple of Apollo, Apollo's sister in the name of the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus was built as a similar. Didim is one of the places to be seen.

Ayvalık - 144 KM

Located in the north of Izmir, Ayvalik is a holiday resort with clean sea water and beaches, beautiful coasts surrounded by green olive groves, and historical and archaeological values. With the construction of the Cunda Bridge, Ayvalık, which has many small and large islands, the land connection has been provided to the largest of the islands. In Ayvalık, many of the islands are protected and the protected area is protected on these islands. Cunda Island is surrounded by pine and olive trees as the nature structure with its original architecture with its old stone houses which are worth visiting with its beauties, bays and patrons.

Assos - 230 KM

The ancient city of Assos in Behramkale Village, north of Izmir, is one of the special places of the North Aegean with its unique Aegean Sea view, right across the island of Lesbos. The famous philosopher Aristotle and the school of philosophy in this territory of the 7th century BC Assos'un dating back to the century. Assos, today the ancient port, temples, blue flag bays, fishing villages and a delicious escape route. Assos, who had been trying to solve the deepest problems of philosophy 2000 years ago, is a paradise that will cause the philosopher Aristotle to marry here.

Kuşadası - 98 KM

Kuşadası, located in the south of İzmir, has been mentioned as one of the most important port cities in history. I tatil National Park ‘, which is taken under protection in the center with its undersea sea, green nature and historical places, is a natural wonder worth seeing. Kuşadası, which receives visitors from every period of the year, is also an important part of port tourism. The city center is active every year of the year, the temperate climate and commercial mobility make the city a place to live.

Bodrum - 230 KM

Turkey's most vibrant, with the most spectacular sights, the basement is one of the most visited tourist center, is located south of Izmir. Formerly known as Halikarnassos, Bodrum's history dates back to the ancient times of the Mediterranean and the Aegean. Bodrum Castle, Boz Castle, Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum, Castle Bath, Bodrum Castle Chapel, Bodrum Dome, Bodrum Windmills and Turkish civil architecture examples of the Bodrum houses are specific. Also in the district; Natural beauties such as Tavşanburnu Spa, Karaada Spa, Fok Cave, Koy and Bükler must be visited.




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