City Centrium

City Centrium




Konak, the heart of Izmir, is the most popular town in the city, which hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists during the day due to its historical monuments, its development in the field of culture and arts and the indispensable elements of the city life. Smiling face of Izmir, the most seaside is located in this district shows the district. Kemeraltı is considered to be the most important shopping center of İzmir. There are many inns and shops within the bazaar.


Karşıyaka carries the traces of the past with its old Levantine houses and historical buildings while its modern face is directed towards science, art and entertainment. There are many cafes and bars, hiking, cycling, crowded with people sitting on the grass, full of palm trees full of long beach is peaceful. The streets of Karşıyaka are crowded and alive in the morning.


Bornova, who is believed to live in the world famous poet Homer, author of the Iliad and Odyssea epics, hosted different cultures and became the cradle of countless civilizations. Bornova, where the first settlement of İzmir was established 8,500 years ago, is waiting for its visitors with its big university campuses, young and dynamic city life.


Bayraklı, which is one of the oldest settlements in İzmir with its history dating back 5,000 years, is a district where contemporary life is intertwined with the traces of history. Bayraklı is developing day by day to become the new trade center of İzmir.



''We plant 10 saplings for each apartment we built''