Office - II

New Center of Aliaga ...

We designed Myvista OFFICE II as a new generation smart office. The project area; Ege University Campus and Closed Market Place Next to Toki Mosque Tüpraş Yolu Üzeri.

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Smart - II

More Modern, Smarter, More Comfortable ...

The MyVista SMART - II is projected on an active street in Yeni Mahalle, one of the most important locations of the region.

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New Generation Smart Houses Rising in Aliaga

Our second project in Aliağa consists of 72 apartments with MyVista SMART 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 options. There are communal areas such as swimming pool, meeting room, children's playground, steam room, terrace in every block. With the underfloor heating system, automatic blinds and the new generation of exterior cladding, the project also has the highest level of energy efficiency.

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''We plant 10 saplings for each apartment we built''